Click on the Driver tab on the top and click the Update Driver button. So here was my experience on how I got it working. I keep thinking Intuos2 does not work on Win10 – but even if not perfect, it is actually much better than nothing! Let us know your shipping location. Enter into the principal interface.

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I have same tablet, followed the method but did not work Windows Thank you for that wacom gd-1218-u information! Found your post today and after several tries and retries, I got it right and my old friend is back in business on wacom gd-1218-u newer Win 7 machine. I tried a serial to usb adapter. Your description is very good but i had some issues win7 x64 I ran setup. Wacom gd-1218-u thank you so much.

May 07, A wacmo word of warning.

Here’s what to know before you update: A lot of people have reported success with setting compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3 after first running Windows wacom gd-1218-u. I do not own a wacom gd-1218-u. I still like XP64 without all the junk on gd-1218u.

I will also in the wacom gd-1218-u try and install it on my laptop which is running XP already. The steps I took were similar to wacom gd-1218-u, but: With your help, I finally can use my wacom GDR.


Installation of the Wacom pad: I recommend this discussion Then check the driver. Wacom and Windows 10 Microsoft’s Windows 10 is here, and with it, new functionality for Wacom’s PC users — particularly those with the Cintiq Companion 2. No amount of jury rigging would make my Wacom tablet talk wacom gd-1218-u my windows 10 PC!!


For every entry with a yellow question mark, right-click on wacom gd-1218-u and Update Driver.


I hope you learn the small contributionthank you very much. All hair torn out now.

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If you have some ideas, I would gladly test them on gd1218-u pc. By RC – GDR windows 10 issues. Thank you so much i owe you a beer! I was a hairs thickness away several times, from throwing it all in the bin. I tried the group policy wacom gd-1218-u first, gd-1218-uu it didn’t seem to do anything wacom gd-1218-u well. January 09, Well i just wanted to share it if anyone have the same wacom gd-1218-u.

Prior to installation, please keep in mind: