I have been using your ideas. Check out the Laptop Service Manual Category on the right side of the website. Hello, I have an Acer Aspire laptop just out of warranty and it is powering on with fans running and lights displaying but not booting up. Hi, my friend gave me a non working laptop. Seems like that is common problem for this series…. Tried resetting the ram, external monitor, pulling the battery, and a number of other things. Have you tested the laptop with only one memory module installed?

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Can you give some solutions? When you find the fuse, test it with a multimeter. Apparently the motherboard has a faulty solder joint or crack somewhere and when you move the laptop, you actually flexing the motherboard forcing it to fail. No luck contropler Dell, actually no luck at all. I have a Ibm thinkpad r52 multimedia audio controller A60 laptop that will not boot up.

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I have a 6 year old laptop — a HP zeca. So I have this laptop, I have replaced the DC power, then the motherboard and lastly the power pack. Well I reassembled everything and now, with the motherboard off the case, it worked fine for a long time and I did not apply pressure anywhere. I have t52 HP G that turns on for 2 seconds, spins the fan and cuts ibm thinkpad r52 multimedia audio controller. Delivers major version updates. That sounds like a problem with the motherboard to me.

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Have you tried replacing the memory module with a known good module? I assumed that it was something unplugged so i took it apart again and now it does not turn on at all.

Will it turn on when you push on the power button? When you clean out the system and it starts working again is that when yuo remove the RAM itself or do you remove other components at the same time???

Just fan spinning and power light and nothing else. The only thing visible is the battery charge light but the battery died long time ibm thinkpad r52 multimedia audio controller.

Hello, I have an Acer Aspire laptop just out of warranty and it is powering on with fans running and lights displaying but not booting up. I hooked up my desktop monitor to the laptop during this process and the screen was blank.


In cases ibm thinkpad r52 multimedia audio controller that the first thing to check is the memory module. Left hinge contained the display cable, Right hinge contained a black and a white wire that snake through the bezel of the LCD and terminate on 2 different side into some type of clip. I have an Acer Aspire series and it shows no sign at all of trying mulitmedia power up.

I have conyroller Toshiba satellite m35x like the one in the guide that had the same problem.

Recently, the LCD started giving different colors intermittently. I read across forums, removed the battery and power adapter, pushed the the power button 45 seconds, put back power adapter mulgimedia laptop still remains dead.

Less than two years old. What is the problem? It is already broken a year ago and I have tried to ask the benq service centre about this problem.

Will it ibm thinkpad r52 multimedia audio controller when only one module is installed?

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Will you get any video on the screen when the hard dive is removed? No screen activity at all or cpu, fan. Also, tried removing hardisk and wireless card still no result. Do ibm thinkpad r52 multimedia audio controller think this is a motherboard problem, or a power problem?

It may happen sooner or later between 1 min to hours after boot. Try reseating memory thinkoad. Have you tried reseating memory module? My laptop power light comes on for about 3 seconds then off. Thanks for the great article. Refreshing the screen clears it up sometime. Then when its about to load OS, the external monitor goes blank and it starts working on the laptop screen.