What is the problem? The monitor output works perfect as well. Switching off again and trying to reboot with or without the floppy will not now work and I only get a blank screen. PSAA5UZ01C when i plug in the laptop all leds flash and power butten as well and also the screen, and it wont turn on so i can get in to it i was told could be power cord and or motherboard but before puting lots of money out on it i would like to try to fix it but if not just by a new one.. The unit has a docking station. Great tips, but I tested the power from the motherboard and I only get 3. Kelli August 20,

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The run time keeps geeting shorter until it reaches the point that the computer will only run a few seconds. If you are using Toshiba Power Management utility, try enabling the taskbar icon toshiba equium m50 164 there.

Do a proper shut down. It charges only when powered off and takes hours to charge once on and with charger plugged in, it recognizessays its charging on the little icon but just loses power as if Im running off the battery. Ingo June 11, I have a sony vgn-nr38e, you can just make out toshiba equium m50 164 logo on start but thats it. My w was used more than 3 years. Is this a common symptom of a bad inverter?

This works in any toshiba equium m50 164 of the screen and once the pressure is release it slowly toshibs to white and other colors. After running under this condition about 20 minutes and several restarts it begins showing the normal bright picture with NO problems after.

Nothing happends when i pull the DC adaptor, no light, toshiba equium m50 164 sound … But when I push the Power button, Only the battery indicator blinks orange 10 times, even of there is no battery!

Laptops usually dim the screen when connected to a battery hence less current. Your little blog was very well written, informative and extremely helpful. I removed the battery while the laptop was on and plugged in!

Toshiba Satellite A battery charging problem | Laptop Repair

P July 10, After changing the inverter, the problem is still there. I have a PCG-K33 vaio that i need to repair, the problem is that when i turn on the laptop i can see the logo of vaio and even if I enter to the bios setup I can see everything as normal, tlshiba in the momemnt that windows starts the back equiym goes off. Can any plz give me the ditails of hp compaq tc lcd inverter…or how to test it with voltameter?


I also thought it could be a stuck lid switch but I have yet to find one. When I use 1644 adaptor and switch toshiba equium m50 164 the laptop, it gives error on the screen but it operates fine on battery. I am wrong to assume that I may just have a wire problem and not an inverter toshiba equium m50 164 backlight issue?

Wait until the laptop start booting again and try updating toshiba equium m50 164 BIOS to the tshiba version. Reseating these cables will not fix your problem. Toshiba says that the BIOS version should be at least v1.

Everything seems ok,no visible damage or anything. The customer complained that the laptop will not charge toshiba equium m50 164 battery when it is plugged into the AC outlet. Any help, comment, suggestions, posted on this page, would be appreciated.

How to test screen inverter

Toahiba memory modules, make sure they are properly connected to the motherboard. When it works, it works like charm. Mine is Toshiba equium m50 164 or battery problem? I tried a known good backlight and that remained dark. Or the image is very dim?

Can some pls tell how to fix this problem.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A laptop. Hello, Toshiba equium m50 164 have a tosbiba laptop. On checking the computer today a friend did a voltmeter toshiba equium m50 164 and the new universal adapter voltage was very stable. How can I update my Bios if my battery does not charge? Skip to Main Content. If your laptop requires 15V, your new adapter should output 15V. Troy August 19, However this will drop after a period of time, sometimes immendiately sometimes mins.

I have the same problem I far I remember if the laptop cooler is dead it wont start is might be a issue as well ….

Sometimes, when working on darker environments especially games, but also black background web pages the image brightness become intermittent darker, and black at all after a while. Jesse September 18, Omarey April 12, Maybe you purchased a defective inverter? On the download page toshiba equium m50 164 Filter by Category menu and select Driver.