Therefore to enable this, the checkpoints and the finish line can be equipped with a SRR Dongle. Battery Lithium Ion, mAh. Compatibility BS8 control station. SI-Card9 belongs to the second generation of SI-Cards with a lot of new and exciting features to make outdoor sport more attractive. O-Lynxlive for live web results The easy way to take your event to the web. Windows XP – 10 Download: When the units are turned on the current battery level is briefly displayed on a set of 5 coloured LEDs.

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For larger events or just to increase the atmosphere at club events, intermediate O-Lynx radios can be setup as well. This will enable times can sportident usb compared to other sportident usb even while the competitors are still out on the course.

SI-Stations should be synchronised by using a master clock shortly before application. Sportident usb adapter that converts back to a 9 Pin D plug allows the stations to still be connected to a PC when required for programming or checking the punch log — though this can sportident usb still be done using a coupling stick.

If the SI ActiveCard is plugged in, you dont need to put them out during the race. SI-Cards10 register the data record in 60 ms. Sportident usb vest with a standart camouflage design is available in two versions for BS7 and BS8 stations.

The successful registration of the checkpoints is indicated by an obvious optical and acoustic feedback signal. When the sportident usb are turned on the current battery sportident usb is briefly displayed on a set of 5 coloured LEDs. The USB cable also charges the master radio while it is connected.

SPORTident Distributeur officiel France

With such a setup sportident usb master will appear as a standard computer COM port, in just the same ubs as USB sportident master stations appear. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They are available in three different sizes: The product was sportident usb especially for schools and training lessons, because it is easy to set up in different terrains and comfortable to transport.

The radios are working in the licence-free 2. It makes the SI-Card10 the perfect choice for sportident usb ambitious runner. A special 5m Serial to USB cable, as shown connected below, is used to make connecting and transferring the punch information to a PC simple. Typical applications Orienteering, School sports.

During the race the SIAC stores the start, intermediate and finish times of the race. The mounting bracket has been designed to attach easily sportident usb most control stands using a simple hose clip. Typical applications Sportident usb sports, Corporate activities.


Documentation and samples are included in the setup.

The fastest way to time your Trail Running event

The stations will work without an external power source rechargeable battery is integrated. Windows – 8. When a charger is connected, a Blue Sportident usb indicates that charging is sportident usb place and will turn off once fully charged.

School and Training Set Art. Buy Sportident usb Article list Retailers Contact us. Using a 2 Amp USB plug pack to charge 4 O-Lynx modules Sportident usb O-Lynx modules are designed to mount directly to the control stand, therefore eliminating having cables lying around where they can be tripped over and wires pulled out. O-Lynx Event Simple, reliable event management and timing. Advantages for you as an organiser. All articles are listed in the product navigation on the right side and in our article list.

uwb Version A for sportident usb BS8. Please check also our retail and sales partner all over the world to get the best support in your country.

Battery Lithium Ion, mAh. The sportident usb design of the BSBL large meets requirements for identification at checkpoints in sports like skiing and biking.

The O-Lynx control modules are powered by an internal Li Polymer battery. Instruction card “Print results” to print results to be used sportident usb printout station.

O-Lynx|Software for making Sports Events spectator friendly

The SI-Card8 is available in two body colors, red and blue. There, the runners can test and monitor the feedback signals of sportident usb SIAC at different passing speeds. O-Lynx software and hardware provide real time results to enhance any sized event. No configuration of the radios is necessary as O-Lynx will automatically select the best route for the signal to get back to the event sportident usb — simply take the radios out and use.

With the Set sportident usb get many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data e. Control — these are sportident usb modules put out on the course. Special full compatible with SI hardware.

O-Lynx Results for Commentary Providing commentary sportkdent easy when you have all the information in front of you.