September 22, at 5: Most likely you damaged the motherboard. Fingerprint reader view large image. July 13, at 9: My HP ZE laptop will not come on. January 3, at 3: I would suggest tacking a closer look at the memory modules.

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After that it stopped working. July 25, at 8: March 23, at 5: Did you test memory modules? February 6, at November 10, at Set BIOS to defaults.

Lenovo N100 Review (pics, specs)

January 14, at 9: Lenovo has covered all the bases in terms of connections. I only have 1 RAM chip installed. October 23, at 8: I opened it up and everything seemed to be okay, I really dont know what to do anymore. November 13, at 9: The case on the N is made of plastic.

And after 10 minutes, it still never shuts down. Make sure install the in different slots.

Maybe you forget to save changes? After you unplug the display cable from the motherboard, you can test the laptop with an external monitor attached to the VGA port.

When to acer service centre, say need to replace the whole motherboard.

Lenovo N Review (pics, specs) | 01

The power led turned on for about seconds and the fan starts working but noting else, then the fan lenovo 3000 n100 base system device the power led turns off. Viewing angles were not particularly good which surprised me some since glossy screens generally tend to have better viewing angles.

It lejovo of the colors rather well. I then hooked up the AC adapter and the it appears as its charging the three lights are flashing. Try cleaning leenovo heat sink and cooling fan with compressed air. September 10, at 6: Can u help me in this matter?


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October 1, at I would rather see Lenovo invest the money elsewhere as a decent pair of headphones will always be better. It could remember passwords in Foxfire though it did not require a swipe to logon onto any password protected sites, but I did not delve into it too deeply. Maybe one of the memory modules is bad and the laptop will not start because of that. Is the most likely scenario a bade lenovo 3000 n100 base system device I went to a tech who told me that I more than likely blew the power chip that lebovo under the power button that you press.

I have an IBM R51 laptop. Using the highly scientific method of my bathroom scale, it weighed three pounds.

August 7, at I have an Dell Inspiron laptop. It also has a modem for those still using dial-up. April 13, at 9: February 7, at 9: January 31, at 7: It is the JMicron card reader, not Ricoh. So lets discuss about my problem.