Great product and great buying experience. If you install a wrong screen you can fry the motherboard. Start it back up, no monitor, but there is a back light. Hey This may be a long shot but what i got to loose: I ordered a new screen and think I installed it correctly but the display is extremely dark. If yes, your problem is not related to the new LCD screen. Is this a Driver or software issue?

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I checked the pins on the cable and cleaned them. If image appears on the damages screen but the new one is completely white, most likely the new screen is defective OR not compatible with your laptop. I had a problem like that last week. Ed Aycock A205 s4577 29, Can I replace the video connector by myself? I can here the a205 s4577 kick in but no screen.

Hi, i cleaned my Compaq presario s44577 PC and now it has white lines on it.

I just replaced the LCD for my dellI can see that it works, but the computer keeps booting and rebooting in a loop. Geek Squad did great for me but there are many a205 s4577 local shops out there.

Steph February 10, a205 s4577 Second I want to ask the experts if this screen is repairable. When I connect to an external lcd it shows a205 s4577 blue screen and reports that a hardware error has occurred. RAUL April 20, Some LCD screen might look the same but they s4577 a different harness. Maybe on disassembling that super thin cables i damaged soledring contact.

F2 key method Turn the computer on. Hannah May 30, Posted on Review by Brenda.

HWSetup was pre-installed on all but early A205 s4577 notebook models. I replaced my lcd screen in my Dell Inspironbut the screen cycles through colors of red, blue, green, and white.

This battery was exactly what i wanted, cheaper a205 s4577 in stores,and it arrived in a timely manner.


The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in s4757 mode, or in hibernation a205 s4577 for this method to work. If a205 s4577 did, can you install the cracked screen back and see if the image is still there? Make sure all pins are straight and there are no damaged pins.

Toshiba A205 Specifications

A205 s4577 backlight comes on but there is no bios screen. Are you sure that the laptop with broken screen works fine? Otherwise it a205 s4577 display the image normally. When I look at the replacement it has no screw holes a205 s4577 the frame for the inverter or the piece on top mounting bracket that the bezel is attached to. Usually this connector located under the keyboard. Iam completely stumped tbh after building machines in the past and the odd repairs never come across anything like this before.

If you are careful enough, everything should be fine.

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Provides an extended service plan for up to 4 total a205 s4577 from the original. A205 s4577 July 27, This s457 no difference. Keith November 27, But the new screen does not therefore the sodder joints wont allow the video connector to slide into the connector.

At least not for the a205 s4577 who are not computer savvy. The screen was completely black couldnt see a thing.